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Had the same problem, everytime I would hook up to the PSN.

It would run great for a couple minutes, and then bang no more network connection.

clear your main web browser on your home pc, punch in 192.168.o.1, should be at your motems menu lobby, then go to advanced settings, turn your wpnp on, save, then back out to lobby, enter the firewall settings, turn the firewall off, save!!!!

There is a distinct and well done balance created by this dynamic, giving clever players ways to defeat others no matter their method of attack.then when you do the network test make sure its on NAT 1 or 2 you will understand when you do it honest!!hey well when im in the game playin call of duty world at war, im in the game and like while im playin 2 minutes later it says connection interruption and it does that mostly every game I play and it sucks can you show me how to fixed that exacly I dont get it.. not every1 can just hook it up my computer is kinda far away from where I keep my playstation so I dont just want to take my internet connection away from my computer and im not just gonna go buy another one coz the one I got is pretty good I need some nerdy interet bullcrap so I can improve my internet connection and still keep it wireless.Tried for hours to make it work without any luck.................Till I tried updating the firmware on my router (SMC)......................... By the way BACKUP your router setting before you update the firmware. ZUB hi guys I had the same problem but just solved it I went onto my router settings and turned on Universal Plug and Play(UPn P) next I went to network settings on my ps3 and went to internet connection settings and selected easy!!!

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