Sexual harrassment on campus Sextreff wap chat

In response to reports of sexual harassment in cases where Early Resolution is inappropriate (such as when the facts are in dispute in reports of serious misconduct, or reports involve individuals with a pattern of inappropriate behavior or allege criminal acts such as stalking, sexual assault or physical assault) or in cases where Early Resolution is unsuccessful, the campus may conduct a Formal Investigation.

Steps taken to encourage Early Resolution and agreements reached through early resolution efforts should be documented.

However, the response to such reports may be limited if information contained in the report cannot be verified by independent facts.

Individuals bringing reports of sexual harassment shall be informed about the range of possible outcomes of the report, including interim protections, remedies for the individual harmed by the harassment, and disciplinary actions that might be taken against the accused as a result of the report, including information about the procedures leading to such outcomes.

The wishes of the individual making the request shall be considered, but are not determinative, in the decision to initiate a Formal Investigation of a report of sexual harassment.

In cases where there is no written request, the Title IX Compliance Coordinator, in consultation with the administration, may initiate a Formal Investigation after making a preliminary inquiry into the facts.

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