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Another jolt to her body, driving her under so that only her hair swirls on the surface. ELLEN Don't be silly - You're going to make summer better for them...

The first bump jolts her upright, out of the water to her hips. Whatever she feels makes her open her mouth to scream, but she is slammed again, hard, whipped into an arc of about eight feet, up and down, submerging her down to her open mouth, choking off any scream she might try to make. I told you not to play near there until I sanded it down.

Kicking out with his foot, Brody sends dozens of angry horseshoe crabs into an escape frenzy and they boil over the top of the dune and down its slopes. Then Cassidy shuffles forward and up the few remaining feet, his eyes looking everywhere but down. He falls backward in a sitting position as though shot. Brody turns and slides off the dune, stumbling close. He looks around, envisioning the week ahead of him.... BRODY'S OFFICE - DAY Brody walks through the door and enters his office, holding a fizzing glass of Alka-Seltzer. ANGLE - AMITY GAZETTE NEWSPAPER OFFICE - PORCH Santos emerges with Ben Meadows, the stylish, late-thirties editor of the Amity Gazette. ANGLE ON THE WATER - BRODY'S POINT OF VIEW It's the Fat Lady, floating, relaxing. The bandage has come part way loose, and his cut is trailing in the water. Already in the room is a solitary figure, standing all the way in the rear, watching everyone as they enter. Two opinions have been expressed, and the crowd takes sides vociferously, ad libbing assent or dissent depending on the point of view held forth. QUINT (after taking a deep breath) You all know me. (a look to Vaughn) You gotta get this fellow and get him quick. QUINT (he rises up) The bastard is costing you more'n that every day. ELLEN It's three feet deep, Martin BRODY (angry now) Michael! ELLEN It's his birthday present, and you closed the beach, Honey. During the rest of the scene, the camera tightens in on Brody to the exclusion of the others. Before Hooper can finish, Brody's shoulders slump and he goes slack. VAUGHN Let's all get out of here, this place stinks. He turns and leaves abruptly, surrendering the dock to Vaughn and Hooper, who eye each other with mutual dis-admiration. BRODY HOUSE - NIGHT - DINING ROOM Brody and Ellen, Sean and Michael, have all finished dinner. His glass, on the other hand, is well used, with the remnants of a stiff scotch and ice.

Whatever he sees has a marked effect on his entire physique. ANGLE ON MICHAEL BRODY AND HIS FRIENDS He's trying to salvage a soggy piece of birthday cake, holding it above the water, paddling with his other hand. ALONG THE WATERLINE ON THE BEACH The Man with the Dog is whistling into the ocean, looking for his dog. There is a flurry and a bustle as everyone rearranges themselves and makes their way into the Amity Selectmen's Council Chambers. COUNCIL CHAMBER - DAY The crowd is thronging into the large room. There is a bit of the showman in him, as well as a bit of killer- whale. He's a bad one and it's not like goin' down the pond chasing blue-gills and tommy- cods. A little shakin', a little tenderizing and down ya' go. BRODY (turning to Ellen) I want him out of the ocean. HOOPER Look, maybe this is the wrong time to pursue this, but I'm not sure...

"STILLNESS IN THE WATER" AKA: "JAWS" by Carl Gottlieb and Peter Benchley From the novel by Peter Benchley OVER BLACK Sounds of the innerspaces rushing forward. ANOTHER PART OF THE BEACH NIGHT Tom and Chrissie are separated from the others, silhouetted against the fire, she pauses and looks at the ocean, he is plodding along in the sand, winded. She runs headlong into the inviting sea, plunges cleanly into the water with a light "Whoops! Behind all this, we continue to hear the sentimental, beery chorus of alma maters. Then it too is sucked below in a final and terrible jerking motion. Before Brody can answer, Michael, his oldest boy, enters, holding his hand.

Then a splinter of blue light in the center of the picture. Chrissie runs down the slope of the dune towards the water, leaving Tom reeling atop the dune. Tom is trying to trail her by her clothes, like Hansel following bread crumbs through the woods. Then we see it -- a gentle bulge in the water, a ripple that passes her a dozen feet away. She looks around for him, finds him still on the beach, his feet tangled in his pants, which have dropped around his ankles. HOLD on the eddies and swirls until we're sure it's all over. CLOSE ON TOM ON BEACH In his shorts, laughing to himself, turning in slow stoned circles, held prisoner by his windbreaker which seems to have him in an armlock, as he struggles to free his arm from a tight sleeve. Ellen Brody, a tall, attractive blonde woman, enters from upstairs. (she indicates bag of clothes) I'm taking them to the Thrift Shop. Pick out what you want to keep -- it's mostly your city clothes. There is bright new blood on it, but he is sensibly unconcerned.

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Ellen fumbles in her pocket and produces Brody's new glasses, which she holds out to him. BRODY Larry, if you'd see these clowns leave, you'd never believe they'd come back with anything.

BRODY (as he goes to make coffee, he fumbles with the new glasses) I don't want to depend on these things, y'know - sometimes you can weaken your eyes. BRODY KITCHEN DAY Brody answers one of two phones on the wall. The Man is throwing a stick out into the surf, the dog, a happy retriever, is bounding into the waves after it. He stretches to look past the group, to see what's happening out there. BOAT RENTAL MAN Prices go up June First every year. Amidst all this, we can hear the angry shouts of the entangled crews. HOOPER Just cast off in turn and make for the channel, OK? Brody starts back towards the shore, Hooper is by his side. Before he can finish, Brody spots something on shore that moves him to shout to his deputy. Brody looks, and stops by a boat that's about to cast off. BRODY If that's dynamite, give it here, or don't leave port. The professionals look professional, but the landlubbers out for the 00 make it impossible for everybody. THE RUBE GOLDBERG ERROR The Out-of-Towner in a small boat is bent over in a life and death struggle, his rod in a tight arc. Twenty yards away in another boat the same struggle ensues. There are occasional water ricochets and the bounty hunters duck from time to time as bullets skip by. FELIX AND PRATT Their boat has moved close to the shark, closer than Harry's. But Harry won't give up the line, still reeling in. Torso severed in mid-thorax, eviscerated with no major organs remaining. Right arm severed above the elbow with massive tissue loss from upper musculature. (tense, to Brody) -- did you notify the coast guard? HOOPER Left arm, head, shoulders, sternum and portions of ribcage intact. Gross tissue loss and post-mortem erosion of bite surfaces prevent detailed analysis; however, teeth and jaws of the attacking squali must be considered above average for these waters. As the shark is hoisted up into the air on a gin- pole hoist dockside, Meadows is seen passing with his secretary and a photographer from the Amity Gazette. BRODY AND VAUGHN They are walking down to the shark together. BRODY Matt Hooper, the specialist they send down from the Oceanographic Institute. HOOPER I didn't say this wasn't the shark, I just said I wasn't sure this was the one... HOOPER There are hundreds of different kinds of sharks; makos, blues, hammerheads, white-tips... HOOPER Let's just cut him open and see what's inside...

ANGLE ON THE WATERLINE A Man and his dog are romping at the water's edge. Brody (and we) hear a shrill scream from the water. TAFT Present company excepted, but off- islanders are a pain in the butt. Ellen captures Sean, and holds him playfully, an example. I didn't come up here all the way from New Rochelle to be gouged by some Yankee Cracker! MOTORBOAT SKIPPER Tell that ragsetter I'm going to poke him in the snoot! Brody tucks the dynamite under his arm, and continues down the pier. All around them are two distinctly different breeds; the quiet pros, like Ben Gardner, in well-worn, comfortable clothes, with efficient, sensible gear, and the amateur crazies, with all manner of weapons and impractical, silly tourist clothing. DOCK SHED - DAY Brody is on the phone, talking to his office, trying to get Hendricks' attention. HOOPER There's a fantail launch out there that won't make it beyond the breakwater. I." boatload of impoverished scallop fishermen throw a net overboard, full of gaps and split ends. One man is screaming success, the other two slapping the angler on the back. Pratt uses his automatic, another blasts point blank with a shotgun. One of his party in the over-filled boat grabs a gaff and leans out to grab the moribund shark. HOOPER ...height and weight may only be estimated from partial remains. Bite marks indicate typical non-frenzy feeding pattern of large squali, possibly carchaninus lonimanus, or isurus glaucas. DOCK AREA - DAY We open close on ugly, open shark's jaws, still oozing blood and gore. We could open this one up, and find whatever he's been eating is still inside. This is the largest, meanest, most vicious shark ever landed off Amity Island, and a known maneater! VAUGHN Be reasonable, boys -- this isn't the time or the place to do some kind of half-assed autopsy on a fish. (to Meadows) do you have all the pictures you need?

Michael reenters in bathing trunks, with a towel on his shoulder, his hand washed, holding a band-aid ready for application. CLOSER ANGLE Deputy Hendricks is searching the shore about one hundred yards down wind. CLOSE - ACCIDENT REPORT Brody has just typed the girl's name. BRODY Polly, I want to know what water recreation is on for today. BRODY (To Hendricks) Where'd you hide the 'Beach Closed' signs? I couldn't call them in, there's no phone out there. VAUGHN'S REALTY DAY Revealing Larry Vaughn, the Mayor of Amity, exchanging anxieties with Ben Meadows and Coroner Santos and two other city Selectmen. VAUGHN (the good guy) That's just going by the book. VAUGHN All I'm saying is that Amity is a summer town -- we need summer dollars, and if they can't swim here, they'll use the beaches at Cape Cod, or Long Island. Quint and his mate cross silently heading into the music store. AMITY MUSIC STORE - DAY A gently tinkling bell tolls Quint's entrance. SHOPKEEPER (finding them under the counter) Yessir, right here. The little kid's music degenerates into a series of awkward squeaks and blurps, as Quint stares at him. The Amity Pier area is a minor madhouse: out-of-state cars elbow local vehicles for parking space at the foot of the dock, and a parade of bounty-hunting townspeople, islanders, off-islanders, tourist, and others shout and push their way onto the crowded pier, each carrying some bizarre or appropriate tool for the real or imagined capture of an unarmed shark of indeterminate size. But it is not dead -- it kicks back to life and threatens to capsize the boat. The bullets pierce the shark's head, pass through, and split the fiberglass hull through which a flood of water rises. CLOSE ON HOOPER He is looking down as the drawer slides past him, still matter- of-fact, turning on his recorder. VAUGHN (to Brody) Chief, I'll take responsibility for this.

BRODY (struggling to get his shirt on over his glasses) The office. She flicks imaginary dust from the badge on his chest. The surf is rough and there is sea-floor debris strewn about from the receding tide. Mainly, you have a batch of calls about that new Karate school. BRODY'S OUTER OFFICE Cassidy and Hendricks look up as Brody enters. HENDRICKS Polly told me to tell you there's a scout troop in Avril Bay doing the mile swim for their Merit Badges. A rowboat with Scoutmaster using a bullhorn keeps pace, and urges the boys on. Vaughn intercepts Brody, the others circle around him, effectively slowing his progress through the sand to the scouts. (he catches up with him) Are you going to shut down the beach on your own authority? MEADOWS Technically, you need the instruction of a civic ordinance, or a special meeting of the town selectmen... Vaughn waves casually to the Scouts and swimmers who are vigorously toweling off in the background. AMITY STREET - DAY In front of Amity's only Music Store, a battered old pick-up truck pulls in to the curb. Without waiting for it to be wrapped, he picks up the gleaming wire in his gnarled fist, and drops a bill on the counter. No answer from Quint, who stops and sings along with the boy. VAUGHN (Interrupting -- sotto voice to Brody) No need to involve outsiders in our business, Martin. BRODY Larry and I have also decided to close the beaches for a short time. The door opens and Ellen enters, quietly, in respect for Brody's mood. DENHERDER One more after this, then I'm going home. Denherder tugs the chain against the piling to prove that it is. He turns on his transistor radio and loops one end around a fractured board. DENHERDER You do this all the time, right, Charlie? DENHERDER I can't believe that people pay money to go fishing. CLOSE ON THE HARBORMASTER OF AMITY - DAY He is sitting on a little canvas folding chair, eating a bowl of Cheerios with milk and sugar, watching a panorama of ineptitude and greed unfold before his old seaman's eyes. It is a ten-foot tiger, and what a mess -- splattered with bullet punctures, gashes, bleeding from several orifices. Some people leave, following a trend that began with the first mention of cutting open the shark. KINTNER My Alex was a beautiful little boy and you killed him.

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